Nakia's Peace of Life, LLC

Find Peace & Life in Living Foods

The beginning of something Amazing and Beautiful!

My name is Nakia and I was introduced to Live/Raw foods by my brother. I loved the vibrant colors and new taste that my tongue was experiencing... I wanted more. Some months passed and I now had in my possession the "Joy of Living live, A Raw Food Journey" book by Zakhah and my interest peeked.

In the book I came across a wonderful raw food business, Body Ecology in Greensboro NC. Before going inside, there was a notice on the door about the effects of dead things that we consume and how internally this causes us to decay inside and out. This clicked for me and right then in there I stopped eating meat. The information at that point in my life resonated with me in a way that there was no struggles with giving up this once somewhat desirable meat.

Inside I met Art & 7, welcoming and educating as soon as I walked in the door. This was the perfect time in my life in meeting them. You could say I had been looking for a change and I was provided with guidance that set the foundation for this new path to a raw/live lifestyle.

 This all began March 2011 and it has been marvelous and very educational for me. I began making all types of things from Strawberry cashew pies, oatmeal cookies, kale chips, herbal teas, ice cream(cashew cream), and more. I couldn't wait to share with all I came in contact with. Besides the wonderful taste the benefits of eating this way increased my energy levels I dropped 20 lbs, and found an increased amount of love for self.

Within the year so far I have begun having small informal training sessions to share with family and friends the benefits of these foods and how to incorporate them in their diets. This has been Amazing while sharing with others the feedback has been wonderful, honest and true. I am looking into taking care of those with nut, gluten and other allergies that on a regular make their lives somewhat difficult.

 Anyone looking for something new fun and exciting to add or accompany their already wonderful lives, Nakia's Peace of Life (NPOL) is right here to provide support, motivation and preparation to you and yours along the way.